Of all the many years of my work, my favorite is branding, It's Design, It's Art, It's Business, It's Strategy, It's Psychology, It's BRANDING & most importantly It's Cool.

Web, Graphics & Brand Designer

What I Do

I CREATE : MEMORABLE USER EXPERIENCE : You bring the products, systems or services, and I'll make them intuitive, enjoyable and valuable to your users. Great experiences leave lasting impressions.


Who I Am

Hello! I am Sneha & I am a Web & a Graphic Designer, with a great knowledge in Branding. I am a jack of all but a Master in Graphics. My profession is very colorful and so are my plans for future. I certainly love to Design & make things around colorful & happening. Pleasant to eyes & Happy to heart. I’m a huge nerd and I hope we celebrate our nerdiness together ;)


My Work

INCLUDES: HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, WordPress & Internet Marketing.
I put in Targeted Research, Novel Ideas, Realistic Strategies, Smart User-Centered Ad Designs & Rock-Solid Development which serves the purpose of setting a Remarkable Brand.
Your Business could rather be the one to create A SENSATION online next >>

Hire Me!

Drop a message and I will get back to you with in 24 hours.

Or Say Hello at hello@itappzindia.com Or Call on: +(91) 9975621170